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We offer a referral service for complex heart, lung and general medical conditions

At Gladstone Veterinary Clinic we offer, in addition to all the normal services of a general veterinary practice, a dedicated referral service for more complex heart, lung and general medical conditions. 

Please note the following:

We are there to help if your animal suffers from a heart murmur, coughing, general breathing difficulties, weakness, collapse, chronic vomiting and/or diarrhoea, bladder problems, diabetes, and other medical conditions. A correct diagnosis is very important to get the most beneficial treatment for your pet. Our experience and expertise combined with our excellent equipment (including a powerful x-ray machine, advanced ultrasound equipment that allows complex heart investigations, endoscopy to examine the airway from nose to lung, the stomach, and gut without the need for surgery) will give us the best chance to reach a diagnosis of your pet's problem. This allows us to plan the treatment, be it  medical or surgical, for your pet much more precisely and give you a much more accurate prognosis on the potential outcome. 

If you consider a referral to our clinic for more advanced diagnostic tests or treatment you should speak to your own vet about this first. They will organise the referral and pass the relevant information on to us. 

Notes for Referring Vets:

Our aim is to keep you fully informed about the case with either a faxed or telephone report on the day of examination. We are pleased to give further advice on the long-term management of these difficult and complex cases. Furthermore you can send ECG traces (by post or fax) and thoracic radiographs for interpretation.

Cases are referred for a variety of reasons. Amongst these are most commonly heart murmurs, weakness and collapse, coughing, nasal discharge, chronic vomiting and diarrhoea.

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